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anaxBLEND Bonders and Liquids

anaxBLEND Bonding Set

The new anaxBLEND Bonding Set finally summarises all bonders and primers used at a dental lab.

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anaxBLEND PEKK Bond 10ml

The light-curing Bonder for the compound between PEEK/PEKK frameworks and acrylics or composites.

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anaxBLEND Cover Gel 3g

Gel to prevent the inhibition layer on a final restoration. Suitable for all composites.

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anaxBLEND Model LC 10ml

This modelling liquid for facing acrylics enhances viscosity during modellation.

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anaxBLEND Bond LC 10ml

A light-curing bonder to connect composites and PMMA acrylics or BIS acrylates.

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anaxBLEND Zirkonbonder 5ml

The perfect bonding agent between zirconia frameworks and the composite or PMMA acrylic.

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anaxBLEND Metal Bonder 5ml

Our metal bonder provides an excellent bond between metals and acrylics or composites of all kinds.

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anaxBLEND Divorce 20ml

Our Divorce separates silicone from silicone and we can highly recommend it because it works excellently.

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