Flask Systems

Flask Systems

Features of a flask system should be easy to use, accurate, and reproducible. That’s what we were looking for to support our customers. It’s unbelievable what can and should be duplicated!

It‘s a real pleasure to work with the anaxform flasks. As said before: anaxform is easy to use, accurate, and reproducible.

anaxFORM Prothetik Kit 21200003

The Prothetik Kit for dentures, acrylic crowns and bridges comprises the metal flask with the according model formers as well as all silicones required. The big injection syringe completes this kit.

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anaxFORM LC Kit 21200002

If you work with light-curing composites, the anaxFORM LC Kit offers all you need, including clear silicones, for light polymerisation directly in the flasks.

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Verticulator 21200100

A very neat, accurate way to transfer the wax-up into the definite restoration.

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Metal Flask 21200012

anaxFORM metal flasks are designed for the quick and easy production of temporaries, dentures, splints, and precision-fitting repositionable gingival masks.

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Flask Lid Transparent 21200113

The transparent flask lid for all dental technicians who want to use the metal flask for light-curing tasks as well.

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Silicone Base Formers Set (Baseplates & Rings) 21200202

Two model base formers out of metal with rubber rings for the anaxFORM metal flask.

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Universal Flask 21200015

The multipurpose flask for duplications when making full dentures and implant-borne removable restorations.

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Clear Flask Set 21200013

Two flasks in different sizes for restorations in combination with facing composite.

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